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Burglar Alarm Systems
We custom design and install security systems that provide perimeter and interior protection from intruders. Once installed, our systems are easily controlled by custom-mounted keypads, handheld remote key fobs, any touch-tone phone or via the web, either at home or away. Our UL listed central monitoring station provides 24-hour monitoring of all systems. We are licensed to design and install residential and commercial security systems.
Fire Systems
This is a Life saving fire system, which alerts occupants while simultaneously contacting local fire and emergency services in case of fire. This system is monitored 24 hours a day by our UL listed central monitoring station. We are licensed by the state of South Carolina and certified to design and install both commercial and residential fire systems.
Whole House Audio Systems
Features of whole-house and multi-room audio systems include independent volume controls by room and flush-mounted, high performance wall or ceiling speakers. Multi-Source capability provides an independent audio/video system in each specified room. Independent selection of a music or video source (iPod, CD, Satellite Radio, FM, Tape, DVD, etc.) in each room will allow you to listen to a CD in the bedroom while someone else listens to satellite radio in the kitchen, all from a single system.
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Audio — House Audio Systems in Beaufort SC
CCTV — Security Camera in Beaufort SC
Surround Sound Home Theater Systems
Professionally installed and calibrated to room specifications, a carefully engineered home theater audio/video system will provide sound and video the way it was originally intended to be enjoyed in the theater. We specialize in High-definition Cabling, Flat screen TV's and Front Projection System Installation.
Structured Wire
A network of the highest quality, highest bandwidth wires bundled and individually run throughout the home to a central panel location or hub, with no daisy-chaining. This enables better signal strength and convenience when adding or changing equipment. This includes telephone, cable, satellite, audio, video and computer network wiring such as category 5E or cat6, RG-6 quadshield as well as fiber optic cabling. This type of new generation wire is a higher quality and provides much greater bandwidth than conventional wire future proofing your home for broadband and other home services, creating a fully connected home with greater flexibility.
Advantages of Structured Wire:
Compatibility - Structured wire builds a bridge between devices from different manufacturers because it provides a common and consistent platform for communications and interaction.
Consistency - Because cabling is installed as a single system, all of the wiring can be installed to avoid electrical interference and provide a more consistent audio, video, telephone, or data transmission
Flexibility - Because all of the home's cabling connects to a central distribution center, the wiring can easily be reconfigured or reapplied to other applications and the system in the home can be changed to meet future services or demands.
Integrity - Because there are no wire or cable splices in the system, there are no failure points such as a location deep in a wall where a cable might pick up interference or where a connection fails.
Maintenance - Each cable in the home is individually accessible for testing and troubleshooting.
Green Home Systems
We are excited to tell you all about “green” home energy systems. At Beaufort Alarm and Sound, we are personally and professionally committed to helping every one of our clients achieve the highest standards of energy efficiency. The “green” technology that is now available on the market is amazing! There has never been a faster growing industry, and with the concerns over renewable energy growing, this market will continue to expand. Beaufort Alarm and Sound Systems has always been on the forefront of these technological advances, and we are working diligently to stay ahead of the curve.
Beaufort Alarm and Sound Systems is proud to be one of the first certified installers of In2Networks EcoConcierge systems; innovative technology that allows users to monitor and adjust home heating and cooling systems, lighting, security, appliances, and irrigation from any internet connection. We also offer environmental monitoring of temperature, humidity and water usage, as well as CO and gas detectors.
Home Automation
Automated control of your building or household allows you to remotely control and view status of interior and exterior lighting, HVAC systems, security and fire system, cameras, appliances and more from the internet, any touchtone phone, PDA or handheld device.
The installation of closed circuit TV for security and surveillance includes digital video recorders and available remote offsite viewing via the Internet as well as POS connectivity.
Access Control Systems
Prevent unwanted or unauthorized entry to buildings or restricted areas with gate operators, multi-door, single door, magnetic locks, electric door strikes and lock sets. Keypads, prox cards and various biometric technologies are available entry methods. Other available access control systems include perimeter control, patient wandering and telephone entry systems.
Network Wiring
Category 5E and 6 wiring and network connections for commercial and residential applications.